Who in their youth, has not dreamt of traversing the wild and exotic wilderness of this vast continent like Livingstone and Stanley.

Since the days of those two fearless travellers, the world has taken huge steps forward. Today one can see every corner of the globe while sitting comfortably in front of their television sets.
However, not even the best film is able to replace what we can experience for ourselves. An even now, in the 21st Century, there are still parts of Africa which have remained largely unchanged under the influence of modern civilisation. The bush, desert, tropical forests and the savannah are still exotic and brimming with wildlife, which we observe with many emotions and a tinge of fear.
The smell of the bush in the evening or morning, along with various sounds coming from the close-by thickets will spark your imagination. South African sunsets guaranteed to take your breath away cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

This page is tasked with persuading you to finally make your dreams of experiencing an exotic place become a reality!

The information provided will help you learn more about the charms of this beautiful corner of the world as well as give you practical indicators regarding its conditions; necessary for discovering this land.

What awaits the emotionally-hungry tourist? Hint: Africa, which brings to mind desert wildernesses, impassable jungles and grey matter melting heat. All of the above is in abundance in South Africa plus many more surprises.