Kruger National Park

One of the best practical examples of the preservation of wildlife in the world can be seen in northern South Africa, in the Kruger National Park. The reserve with an area of over 2 million ha, is characterised by a rich diversity of wildlife, which has been preserved in the modern world thanks to the work and dedication of nature lovers.

The Kruger National Park is vast, similar in size to Wales. Animal differentiation has been observed within its borders. Starting with the Big Five, through to the 146 species of mammals, 114 species of reptiles and amphibians and finishing with the 520 bird species. Many of the luxury safari camps and private animal reserves, located within the Kruger National Park or directly adjacent to it, offer visitors the best accommodation and conditions in cosy lodges with a specific, colonial atmosphere. Visitors take part in the morning and evening safaris in open-top vehicles or may choose to walk through the bush, accompanied by an experienced ranger-tracker, to watch wild animals from a closer perspective (a very exciting way to explore the African wildlife)

Journeying to this special corner of the world is an experience to be treasured forever.